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Communist Group Targets Cruz, O’Rourke With Anti-Semitism, Pig Heads, Calls For Revolution

Last weekend, a mural of Rep. Beto O’Rourke in Austin, Texas that featured the congressman as a superhero was vandalized with anti-Semitic messages by a local communist group.

According to Far Left Watch, the radical left-wing group, Red Guards Austin, likely committed the vandalism to draw attention to O’Rourke’s support for Israel.

On its Facebook page, which has 8,000 followers, the communist group shared a photo of the mural vandalized with words including, “Imperialist Pig” and “El Paso Gentrifier Supports Israel No Hero,” marked with the communist hammer and sickle logo.

“We received the following images in support of the boycott of the electoral force,” Red Guards Austin said in a post with the photo. “Mural of gentrifier and imperialist pig ‘Beto’ AKA Bolillo O’Rourke has been targeted for redecoration. Reactionaries of the Democratic Party think they can hide the people’s messages under a banner but they do not have a banner big enough to hide O’Rourks [sic] crimes.”

The group also shared photos depicting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as a pig with “Homophobic Imperialist Pig” written next to him and O’Rourke labeled a “Zionist Imperialist Pig.”

Other photos included decapitated pig heads hung on street signs with a paper declaring “Cruz is an imperialist pig. Elections no, revolution yes!”

The group also tweeted that the pig heads were placed at polling places and campaign offices in Austin, Texas.

Several local outlets have reported on the vandalism including The Hill — all of which fail to mention the communist logo or the Red Guards Austin.

After the vandalism, the mural was covered with a tarp that reads “vote not, love trumps hate,” according to KVUE, and then later restored with the words “WE RISE” written over where the graffiti once was.

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