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News headlines today: Nov. 29, 2018 Video

  • Now Playing: Couple delivers newborn in hotel parking lot

  • Now Playing: News headlines today: Nov. 29, 2018

  • Now Playing: Michael Cohen expected to plead guilty to lying to Congress: Sources

  • Now Playing: Manhunt grows as missing North Carolina teen found dead

  • Now Playing: Thieves target Satanic group’s Christmas display

  • Now Playing: Christmas light fight pits a family against their town

  • Now Playing: Serial killer says he’s killed around 90 people

  • Now Playing: Trump accuser may drop high-profile lawyer Michael Avenatti

  • Now Playing: Dangerous storms hit fire-ravaged parts of California

  • Now Playing: Missing girl, 13, found in Oklahoma after alleged abduction

  • Now Playing: FBI ‘unraveling’ convicted killer’s crimes after he confesses to 90 murders

  • Now Playing: Dog greets soldier with unbelievable reaction

  • Now Playing: Family calls for charges after cabbie killed by roundhouse kick

  • Now Playing: Town forcing man to pay $2,000 a night for Christmas lights

  • Now Playing: Trump refuses to rule out pardon for Manafort

  • Now Playing: The Senate has advanced a resolution to end US military involvement in Yemen

  • Now Playing: Man gives $1,000 checks to students in town razed by fire

  • Now Playing: Teen football players accused of sexually assaulting teammates

  • Now Playing: Bruce Springsteen: ‘I am not completely well myself’

  • Now Playing: Doctor behind first genetically modified babies: ‘I feel proud’

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