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David Eason Gives Jenelle a Bath, Instagram Users Recoil in Abject Horror

Strange things are taking place on Jenelle Evans’ aluminum shed-strewn country estate known affectionately as The Land.

The amazing thing about Jenelle and David Eason is that their lives are so absurd that even though he’s been fired from Teen Mom 2 and she won’t be appearing in new episodes until next month, there’s still so much drama in their lives that it can be hard to keep up.

Fortunately, we’re here to help.

In case you haven’t heard, today has been one for the books, with Jenelle lashing out at her bosses, bragging about her physique and receiving a sponge bath from her husband for some reason.

Take a look:

Life on the Land

Life on the Land

Ever since October, Jenelle and David have been locked into the sort of downward spiral that’s usually reserved for iconic rock musicians who have recently celebrated their 27th birthday.

It started with Jenelle accusing David of assaulting her, then quickly backpedaling on that claim.

The Right Move

The Right Move

Not long after, Jenelle and David briefly broke up, but alas, they’ve since gotten back together.

One Angry Guy

One Angry Guy

From there, the situation deteriorated rapidly, thanks in large part to David’s bizarre social media activity.

David’s Got Some Guns

David's Got Some Guns

Eason even received a visit from the Secret Service last week after posting violent threats about Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and other elected officials.

Taking a Break?

Taking a Break?

You’d think after so much insanity over a period of just a few weeks, David and Jenelle would keep a low profile for a few days.

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