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Schitt’s Creek Holiday Special Recap 2018

Ever since Parks and Recreation took its final, hilarious bow in 2015, I’ve been in search of a show that fills me with as much unmitigated joy, happy tears, and quotable one-liners. Fortunately, Schitt’s Creek checks all those boxes, with a serious dash of couture thrown in. And because we deserved at least one nice thing in 2018, I now have a Schitt’s Creek Christmas episode to warm my cold, dead heart over the holidays.

In the special, which is a delightfully Schitty emotional roller coaster as only this series can pull off, I found myself tearing up as much as I full-on howled with laughter — legit howled, people, that’s how good it is. “A Schitt’s Creek Christmas” begins with Johnny’s glorious flashback to the Rose family’s lavish Christmas Eve parties of yore, complete with glitz, glamour, and Moira’s impressive collection of pills. As a way to create new memories, the Rose patriarch tries to get his wife and children to help him arrange a last-minute party in their motel room, which all goes horribly wrong . . . until it doesn’t. (Isn’t there something wonderful about watching a series that’s as cuttingly funny as it is full of heart?)

Although Johnny’s festive enthusiasm takes a little while to spread to his loved ones — Alexis has a tough time forgetting about their old holiday party’s “Reindeer Room,” which I now desperately need to see — the misadventures everyone takes on their way to the emotional conclusion are everything I ever could have hoped for from the Roses. Take a peek at the highlights ahead.

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