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‘F—‘ everyone who continues to support Trump : politics

…Sure, a conservative is someone who believes in fiscal responsibility (ie, not spending unnecessarily and reducing pork-barrel legislation).

As they vote for “conservatives” who have exploded the deficit and destroyed the budgets of every state they’ve run and the country for the last 40 years.

They’re usually resistant to rapid change, as they believe stability is best maintained by incremental progress.

Resistent to any change. As you say later, these are old white guys who miss the days of them being the only ones who had any mo ey or power. That’s why they don’t want change.

They want lower taxes (for themselves, not the wealthy lol) because they’re big proponents of personal responsibility.

Except for literally every action they ever take that should have negative consequences. Nothing is ever their fault but everyone else needs to stop being lazy moochers. It’s a conspiracy or unavoidable bad luck if something bad happens to them but nothing but their own skill if they succeed.

It usually equates to just keeping more of their own pay, but the rationale is that they want to decide what charities to donate to rather than having the government decide for them.

And by “charities” they mean maybe their church or if they’re wealthy, their tax write off.

They are big on personal sovereignty, state sovereignty, etc. because they think that an over-arching governing body will dilute the ideals they personally want to push forward in society.

Unless the person is gay. Or a woman. Or black. Or an immigrant. Or a non-Christian. Or a schoolchild that doesn’t want to be shot. Or if Republicans are in charge of the federal government and they want to force their beliefs on people.

“conservatives” have lost every battle of ideas in the last 80 years. None of it works. It’s all bullshit. That’s why the movement is down to racism and hating “the other” while railing against experts and knowledge.

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