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High Street Beauty Products Celebrities Swear By

When a successful celebrity, who could literally pay someone to feed them hummus while they soak in the tub (dream), recommends a budget-friendly beauty product, we damn well listen.

These are the people who can afford the best facials in the world, could slather themselves head-to-toe in La Mer if they felt like it, and are likely to have an entire glam squad on standby for when they feel like looking fancy.

So when they tell you a £5 facial cleanser is the best they’ve ever used, or that they can’t live without a French Pharmacy classic, you know it must be the bee’s knees.

In celebration of our January digital issue, The High Street Beauty Issue starring Drew Barrymore, here’s a whole list of high street beauty buys that come highly recommended by your favourite celebs. Who knows, Kim Kardashian may just introduce you to the Holy Grail you’ve been searching for…

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