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Kathy Griffin and Kristy Swanson have a confusing exchange

Kathy Griffin probably didn’t wake up on Saturday thinking she was going to get into it with Buffy Summers, but here we are. Griffin ended up in an interesting exchange with actress Kristy Swanson on Twitter over President Trump’s border wall.

Kristy Swanson arrives to the Hallmark Channel’s 2018 TCA Press Tour. (Photo: Getty Images)

It started when Griffin tweeted the president, saying his wall “isn’t going to do a damn thing” about tunnels. Swanson, who played Buffy in the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer, replied to the comedian, saying “we know about the tunnels” because her nephew “was blown up by the cartel because of their tunnels, he died 3 times.”

The statement was a bit of a head scratcher, with Swanson’s declaration getting mocked on Twitter.

Griffin responded to Swanson, tweeting, “I’m sorry to hear about the death of your nephew who somehow managed to die three times.”

Swanson went on to tweet an article about how Griffin is a patriotic star who has shared her talents with the troops, exclaiming she was “shocked” to see the comedian’s name on the list. Well, Griffin had a response to that too.

Swanson, who is a big supporter of President Trump, attempted to clarify her remark about the death of her nephew … but it was equally puzzling. She said “he did die 3 times” but “survived with 19 months of recovery.”

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