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Katy Perry Is Glad She Made the Right Choice With Orlando Bloom

Needless to say, they have come a long way from “taking space”—and fans are ecstatic. 

In fact, the stars’ eagle-eyed followers noticed a particularly sweet Instagram comment to Bloom ahead of his 42nd birthday on Sunday. 

“Last selfie on a set in my 41st year…i’m grateful and as I contemplate the passage of time I really feel age is just a number and we are not…we ARE the choices we make, the words we speak, the thoughts we create and the actions we take…they shape our realities…and as I say to myself and my son…make smart choices…happy me and my loyal companion,” the actor captioned Instagram photos on set, including a snap of his dog. 

“Glad I made the right choice doe,” Perry wrote in a since-deleted comment. “Happy birthday angel.”

Some fans began speculating about a secret engagement for the pair. Or, she could be referring to them getting back together or dating at all. Tell us, Katy: what choice are you referring to?! Either way, cue the awwww!

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