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Make no mistake — this is a GOP shutdown : politics

I vote Republican…I like the party agenda /s

NO minimum wage

Higher CEO pay…with a lower tax rate than anyone else

NO collective bargaining

Lower wages for workers

Lesser wages for women

NO paid vacations…except white collar

NO Unemployment benefits

NO Earned Income Credit

NO Obamacare

NO medical coverage unless you can afford it yourself

NO Social Security

NO Medicare

Higher interest rates on student loans

Tax Breaks for billionaires

Less regulation of banksters who plundered our economy into ruin in 2008

Corporate welfare

Eliminate most or all the EPA’s and its rules = Dirtier air and water

Tax solar to make coal more attractive

Ignore dangers to forever ruin western water aquifers with Keystone pipeline

Refuse to hold hold oil companies liable for abandoned fracking wells

MORE secret money in politics to increase the influence of the wealthiest

MORE restrictions on legal voters to restrain certain voters from the polls.

MORE obstructionism designed to make government fail

MORE Congressional vacation time…so even less gets done

MORE avoiding votes on military conflicts

MORE Monday morning quarterbacking on everything Obama has ever done



ALWAYS try to be on both sides of every issue

Remove support for the bill you sponsored… if Obama likes your bill

IMPEACH all Dem presidents

Promote secession and splitting up blue states

Make Texas and Somalia sister countries

NO Spending on basic science research

NO Spending on roads, bridges, airports or food inspections

MORE spending on obsolete weapon systems that Pentagon does not want

To Prison for doctors who perform constitutionally protected abortions

Mandatory invasive vaginal ultrasounds for anyone seen at Planned Parenthood

NO abortions for the raped, therefore, YES to Fatherhood rights for rapists.

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