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Mystery kidnapping and ransom case of an American businessman Video

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Now to the American who vanished in Costa Rica. Allegely kidnapped with his family paying a nearly $1 million ransom. Now, international authorities have made several arrests tied to this case. ABC’s Marci Gonzalez has the details. Reporter: Multiple raids on two continents, as the mystery deepens tonight over the disappearance of an American businessman in Costa Rica. Police there, and in Spain, breaking down and ripping off doors. Seizing cash and credit cards. Arresting a dozen people overnight. All in connection to the kidnapping of Sean Creighton. The 43-year-old was living in Costa Rica with his wife and two children, when investigators say he was pulled over by police on September 24th. But authorities now saying those two officers were in on the scheme, working with four others who immediately pulled Creighton into a truck and disappeared. Investigators say the kidnappers crashed Creighton’s Porsche into a wall to stage an accident. Later, demanding ransom from his family. Translator: They demanded a very large ransom, around $5 million. Later, it was reduced until it reached around $1 million that was paid with the virtual money Bitcoin. Reporter: After that payment, the family says they never heard from Creighton or his captors again. Police say they still have no idea where Creighton could be. We spoke with his family tonight, they say they’re still holding out hope that he could be alive. All right, Marci, thank you.

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