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The FBI’s Reported Investigation of President Trump Could Take the Russia Probe to a New Level : politics

They will absolutely still support him, 100%, guaranteed.

This is how it is going to go down:

  1. Mueller will release one of the most damning and explosive reports in history. It will show, with significant evidence, that Trump & co conspired with a foreign power against the interests of the United States.

  2. The media will flip their shit, trying to figure out how to respond to this.

  3. The House democrats will impeach him

  4. the senate majority of republicans will shrug their shoulders and say fake news. The outrage will build. The senate republicans will do what they always do: find one, tiny thing to divide the issue and hammer that point home. Some will show hesitation to do this, but McConnell will whip them up to fall in line.

Just like they did with Kavanaugh; they ignored the partisan rants and clear lack of judicial temperament and kept saying ‘Ford is trying to smear him and it’s a dangerous time for men. Look at how innocent he is. This is a hit job. Swetnick’s testimony isn’t credible therefore this is a hit job.’ They will repeat this message for days on end to muddy the waters.

5) Before anything can get too far, McConnell will call for a vote. A party-line vote will occur with 53-47 voting to acquit trump of impeachment.

He will be acquitted in the senate, and tout this as a tremendous victory for himself and that “it was a partisan witch hunt all along!” Republicans will use this against democrats in 2020. “They tried to impeach, but he was innocent!”

The outrage on the left will be stupendous. There might be some violence, but it will be quickly quashed. Everyone else will lose all faith in the system. Republicans continue to fall in line. They will lose the Presidency and House in 2020, and keep the Senate due to their base being more energized than ever.

Doubt me? If you watched last night, a democrat congressman was on Rachel Maddow show (guest hosted by Joy Reid since rachel was off) and he flatly said “Because of the last few years of misinformation and Trump & republicans in congress discrediting the investigation and the FBI, I think that there is NOTHING, NOTHING that robert mueller can put in his investigation that will cause senate republicans* to convict. Nothing. And that terrifies me.”

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