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Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration : politics

Someone needs to do an exhaustive analysis of all the ways the trump crime family has sold out the US for personal profit. It was clear during the election they were trying to set up Trump Tower Moscow while shamelessly lying to the American people, but it also appears selling the WH for personal profit is the scam they have been running, with the GOP helping them cover it up.

Mueller Is Investigating Trump as a Russian Asset


Trump’s Sanctions On Iran Just Handed A Big Victory To Russia

By weakening Iran, the sanctions cede Russia the power to balance crude oil markets. That’s because OPEC needs big producers to help Saudi Arabia enforce oil production quotas. With Iran sidelined, Saudi Arabia alone can’t convince the other smaller producers to hold back production and a hobbled OPEC can no longer bend the world oil market to its will. That is, unless Saudi Arabia gains the cooperation of another major producer, either Russia or Iran.

The changing economic realities that drove OPEC into Russia’s arms handed Moscow considerable geopolitical benefits as the cartel’s newfound linchpin. Reflecting on that fact, Saudi Arabian Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih told Russian news agency TASS, “We have proved to ourselves that we can work with Russia and keep the markets balanced whether there is the shortage or oversupply.”

Iran’s costs are so low – at $9 per barrel to Russia’s $19 – that Tehran can engage in a vicious price war and still turn a profit. That is if not for US sanctions.

U.S. Houses Using More Russian Lumber, Thanks to Canada Spat

Russia has emerged as one of the winners of the trade dispute between Canada and the US over lumber.

Goldman Sachs: Trump’s tariffs will benefit Russia and China

By imposing across-the-board tariffs to all steel and aluminum imports, the larger economic impact is on Canada, Mexico and the EU, and it ironically eases the economic impact to China and Russia.

Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria marks a win for Putin

Trump stunned U.S. allies by ordering the withdrawal of U.S. forces and contradicted U.S. diplomats and military officers who as recently as last week said the United States would remain in Syria to finish off the Islamic State.

Putin says Russia will supply soy beans, poultry meat to China

Lifting Russian Sanctions Key To Trump Deal Exposed By Michael Cohen | MSNBC

Trump was advocating dropping sanctions without disclosing that for the US to do that would be a huge financial windfall for him, because now we know Trump and his business at that time were secretly negotiating a gigantic business deal for Trump Tower Moscow that was being financed by a Russian sanctioned bank. The deal could only go ahead if Russia dropped sanctions. Trump knew that at the time but he lied about it repeatedly. Insisted he had no business in Russia over and over. But Trump knew that he did. And Russia knew that he did.

We now know the Kremlin was actively involved in discussions with the Trump Organization about the project, about the financing, even about Putin’s free $50 Million dollar penthouse. Trump knew this was in the works, but was keeping it secret. The Kremlin knew it was in the works and that Trump was keeping it a secret. They even helped him keep it a secret. In a call with Reporters, the senior Kremlin official who was managing the project put out a statement denying any Kremlin involvement. The Kremlin was helping cover this up too.

As a candidate, we now know, Trump was definitely compromised by Russia. He was lying about his dealings with Russia and Russia knew it and Russia was helping him to keep it a secret. We have a presidential candidate who is lying about Russia’s plan to provide him with hundreds of millions of dollars for that real estate project if he gets sanctions removed.

All in the family: Feds also eyeing Ivanka, Don Jr. after Cohen’s Trump Tower Moscow revelation

He is not a successful business man. He inherited a bunch of money. A NYT investigation showed the whole story about his wealth is a giant fraud. In fact, he never made his own fortune. He had a lot of failures. He relied on his dad to bail him out over and over. All the kids were involved in all the projects all the time. They’re out there promoting, selling, making claims about vacancies in Panama, they’re in China. They are everywhere, and they are making trips all through his presidency.

We found out that Ivanka was using a personal email. And she’s making money off her trademarks on her shoes in China. They’re all so corrupt. What we’re finding out is it was a family business, but also a criminal enterprise as well and they brought that into the campaign and the presidency.


Investigators have emails from late 2015 and early January 2016 in which Cohen communicated with or copied Don Jr. and Ivanka and discussed the Trump Tower Moscow project. Ivanka at one point recommended an architect.

Corruption Is the Theme of Trump’s Presidency*

After all is said and done, money. That’s gotta be it. As Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien noted, it’s no secret the Trump family, after moving into the White House, put a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn. Fortune 500 companies could see that access to Trump was simply a matter of decoding the price tags. Some $4.5 million were paid to Michael Cohen’s “consulting firm,” and that’s only money we know about.

Prosecutors investigating Trump inaugural fund, pro-Trump super PAC for possible illegal foreign donations

Hayes: “The President* Was Compromised…Full Stop”

It raises the question right now – what deals are happening in the background? Trump made this big show that he was handing it off to the kids, but we know he can do anything he wants about it. While he’s president it’s entirely possible something similar is happening.*

With the Manafort Convictions and Cohen Plea, Trump Has Been Implicated in a Criminal Conspiracy

Republicans block effort to subpoena only U.S. witness of secret Trump-Putin meeting

Here they are repeatedly lying about their contacts with Russia


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