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Who Is Sydney Lotuaco on ‘The Bachelor’? Meet the Contestant

She may not have snagged a one-on-one, but don’t count contestant Sydney Lotuaco out on The Bachelor just yet. Though she’s mainly stayed out of the drama, the reality star cracked up audiences and confused Colton Underwood when she proposed that he “whack her weeds” at the end of February 4’s episode — and she’s got some ‘splainin’ left to do. In the February 11 episode, the beauty decides to pull the Bachelor aside and have a serious talk with him about what kind of woman he’s looking for, a playmate or soulmate. But before you watch the ep, check out what we’ve learned about her so far.

She’s a professional dancer.

The star makes her living as an NBA dancer, though she told Colton when she got out of the limo that she quit her job with the New York City Knicks’ dance team, the Knicks City Dancers, so that she could go on the show. But she also knows more classical styles. On night one, she showed him a few moves as a classical string quartet played them out. According to her LinkedIn, she’s also worked as a barre fitness instructor, teaching dance exercises classes, and got her BFA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College.

She’s never had a boyfriend before.

Though she told Colton she’s looking for her lifelong dance partner, the 27-year-old hasn’t dated anyone seriously yet. But now that she feels confident in her career success, she’s ready for love, which is why she decided to risk her job to go on The Bachelor. And now that she’s met Colton, she’s ready to fight for him. She’s too mature to start any wild drama, but she’s also not about to be walked over by anyone. Onyeka Ehie has stirred up more than a little bit of drama, and early on in the season, she interrupted Sydney’s one-on-one time with Colton by blaring an airhorn. Not to be outdone, the dancer fired back by banging pots and pans, exclaiming, “Look, I found more noise makers!”

She’s got a thing or two to teach Colton.

And we’re not just talking about the sexual innuendos she awkwardly explained to him. In ET’s exclusive clip from the February 11 episode, you can watch Sydney pulling Colton aside. “I feel like some girls, like Demi and Hannah B., they’re not as ready for marriage, and if that’s what he wants, then great,” she tells cameras. “But I want to be very clear: in order for him to find his wife, he’s got to make a lot of changes, and hopefully he can hear me and understand what I’m actually saying to him. If not, I gotta go.” As for whether or not the move plays in her favor, we’ll just have to tune in. But if you’re looking for spoilers, you can find out which four ladies make it furthest — and who steals Colton’s heart — here.

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